E. (Edmund) Wheeler is another of the small group of commercial mounters that became famous for their high quality preparations and prodigious output. He was offering his own professionally made mounts by no later than the mid 1860s, and continued until retirement and the selling of his business to W. Watson & Sons in 1884 (he died in 1885). It is known that Wheeler's nephew F. Enock, who later became well known for his insect preparations, mounted for his uncle through much of the 1870s. Thus, it is probable that some of the very fine whole insect mounts with E. Wheeler labels are actually the work of Enock. Another well respected professional mounter of the time, E. (Ernest) Hinton, also mounted for Wheeler for a number of years, and is said to have produced much of his output by the late 1870s.

Below, dendritic form of crystallized Silver compound imaged from Wheeler slide above, "Silver Electro Deposit" using  Reflected lighting.